If you are talking about household/construction silicone seal, yes, it is under the "improper use of" I was talking about the blue, red or black silicone form a gasket specifically made for engine use.

Overuse also falls under "improper use of"

I have seen only 1 or 2 cases where a gasket had adhesive applied at the factory. Vac pump is a very thin gasket, large and easily torn. When replacing the vac pump in a car a thin coat of blue goo helps immensely to hold the gasket in place while the pump is installed. Same with the transfer or lift pump on the IP, especially on an 85 cali car. There is no room to work, you are working blind, so the blue goo is essential to hold the gasket in place for assembly.

I quit using #2 permatex because it is nearly impossible to remove. The permatex blue and red products stick well, even where there is a coating of thin oil. YMMV
Peter Frederick via Mercedes <mailto:mercedes@okiebenz.com>
January 29, 2018 at 7:37 AM
The issue with silicone sealants is that they are often inappropriate for the job. Unless formulated for use in contact with oil, they often refuse to stick (ditto for use with coolant, as I found out in Canada getting a water pump to seal in the dead of winter).

Worst case you get what happened to the 75 300D my brother had -- some idiot glopped a huge amount of orange silicone sealant on the oil filter housing, with the result that a lump peeled off and plugged the oil supply to #2 main badly enough it ate the bearing.

The gasket is supplied with adhesive on it.....

The service manual will specify the correct sealant and amount. Typically, if the gasket need sealing, it will be supplied with adhesive/sealant on it is a sealed package from MB, aftermarket may or may not.


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