I figure I’l have a total of about $2500 into the car when it’s all said and 
done, including acquisition and shipping. I just set up a meet with a local 
W140/W124 buddy who I’ve given a boatload of spares to, so now he’s returning 
the favor and has a bunch of W124 stuff for me, like a rear view mirror, ash 
tray, brand new bra for the front of the car and some other goodies.  Nice.

Youngest son says the burl steering wheel is in the storage locker, so I need 
to go over there and dig it out.  That will look nice.

With the car on a Hagerty policy it’s $318/year for full coverage. To have 
around as a spare ride is easy for that kind of expense.


> On Feb 14, 2018, at 10:12 AM, Donald Snook <dsn...@kklawoffices.com> wrote:
> I would like to buy a car and have it delivered to your house for repair and 
> Martha treatment!  Project is looking good!   You should save all this just 
> in case son or someone else wrecks its later.  This car is going to be worth 
> a lot when you are done than a similar car with similar miles! 
> Don Snook 
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> 400E is now home and in the driveway, awaiting a serious washing and a very 
> thorough inventory of issues later tonight:
> http://penoff.com/Penoff.com/400E_Blog/400E_Blog.html
> -D


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