I drove the CL600 this morning to what I thought was cars & coffee but alas 
there wasn’t one. Bah. I’m not sure what the story was on that. 

It still smells of mouse p1$$ so I decided to give the carpets a clean with the 
extraction cleaner. That went well enough but it still smells. I think they 
were up in the dash. I was able to clean a bit in there but probably not good 
enough. I did see some mouse turds and trash where I could get at it so cleaned 
that as best I could.  Not sure how to deal with it aside from taking the whole 
dash apart which I don’t want to do. I’ll borrow an ozone machine and give that 
a go, and maybe get some Febreze spray for whatever good that might do. 

The rear windows quit working so I figured the rear SAM had died. I had another 
one from the parts car and had pulled that one. I swapped it in and LO! the 
rear windows work!  Yay!

The glove box latch was not working right so I swapped in one from the parts 
car. Now it works fine. Yay. That’s like a 5 minute job. I was able to clean 
some behind it too. 

The trunk hydraulics aren’t working so I need to check into that. 

It was not running well again this morning after running well the last time I 
drove it. Intermittent. This problem is making me crazy. I’ll put the DAS on it 
tomorrow and see what I can find. I think it was an issue again with the cam 
position sensor I had swapped in which makes no sense. The wiring all looks 
good so I don’t know. Bah. 

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