Heat it with a propane torch but cut the brake hose first. Shouldn't be an issue if you are replacing the hoses anyway. If you don't cut the hose, you run the risk that it will blow off. You can guess how I know that.


On 19/09/2023 8:38 PM, Craig via Mercedes wrote:
I have been working on the 300SD this afternoon and now have all four
corners up on jackstands and all four tires removed. My intent was to
access all four brake calipers and blow the brake fluid out of the brake
fluid reservoir and all of the lines so I can remove and replace all four
brake lines and then fill and bleed the brake system.

I ran into a snag, however, with the right-rear caliper. The bleeder
screw on the left-rear is 8 mm and that blew out very nicely (and
drained the front compartment of the brake fluid reservoir). I then
switched to the right-rear caliper and tried to loosen the bleeder screw
with the 8 mm box-end wrench (0.31496") and it spun, probably rounding
the hex some. I tried 7 mm (0.27559"), but that was too small. I tried
5/16" (0.3125") and that spun. I then tried a small vise grip (which has
sharp "teeth" on the jaws), and that slipped. I squirted the threads of
the bleeder screw with Kroil and then came into the office to write this
email while the Kroil does its work.

We will see if that works.



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