This car is to nice to 'give' to you. I just need to get over this spell.
And I will.
I have a good indy. Evaporator replacement was $ 1,500, including parts.

On 11/23/06, Kaleb C. Striplin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

When you get ready to sell, and not saying you should, just when you get
ready, let me  know.

Hans Neureiter wrote:

> Lately I seem to be fighting a never ending battle with this car.
> Finally the lost shipment from Rusty arrived and I fixed the air leak in
> fuel system (fuel line seals and a new manual shut-off valve).
> While I was waiting for the injection system to purge and the motor
> out (~10 min.), there was a big puddle of oil under the car.
> The bottom of the oil pan was covered with clean oil (last change at
> miles ago). I wiped off as much as possible and it stayed dry.
> As soon as I started the motor, oil started to run down the drivers side
> the oil pan, ca. 2 inches in front of the drain plug - a drop every 5
> seconds.
> I doubt it to be the pan gasket (leaks only when the motor is running).
> Any ideas where I need to be looking?
> TIA and happy Thanksgiving.

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