I think you're going to need to get the car up so that you can get
under it while the engine is running to see where the oil is coming
from. If I had to guess, I'd say it was an oil cooler line spraying
onto the side of the pan. This would only happen under pressure.
There might be an oil level sensor about there on that engine as well
- it might be coming from there, but I'd think it would leak all the

On 11/23/06, Hans Neureiter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Lately I seem to be fighting a never ending battle with this car.
Finally the lost shipment from Rusty arrived and I fixed the air leak in the
fuel system (fuel line seals and a new manual shut-off valve).
While I was waiting for the injection system to purge and the motor smoothed
out (~10 min.), there was a big puddle of oil under the car.
The bottom of the oil pan was covered with clean oil (last change at 3,000
miles ago). I wiped off as much as possible and it stayed dry.
As soon as I started the motor, oil started to run down the drivers side of
the oil pan, ca. 2 inches in front of the drain plug - a drop every 5
I doubt it to be the pan gasket (leaks only when the motor is running).
Any ideas where I need to be looking?
TIA and happy Thanksgiving.
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