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> Assume engine drain plug has never been removed.
> Questions:,
> 1. Best way to access from above or below?;

Above. It is right near the tail of the starter on OM616 engines

> 2.  Size of drain plug, looks to be between 17 mm and 20 mm what is
> it  please?

It is a 19mm standard hex head plug

> 3.  Is there rachet extention set combo that will work?

On my OM616s, I can just reach in from under the air cleaner. No extensions 

> 4.  The drain plug does it need a seal or some thread puddy when you
> reinstall it.

I believe it has a sealing washer. I _think_ it's practically the same
size as the one used for the oil pan - but I'm not sure about that...

> 5.  If it has not been removed will it take a gorrilla from the
> Bronz Zoo to  do it?

I have removed many of them, and I don't recall any of them suprising
me about how tight they were...

> Anything else you can share please.  Want to flush the right way.
> Regards Tom Scordato
> 1979 240D 104K miles 

--      Philip

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