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> spectral wrote in color.py:94
> These are the first uses of 'dim' in the default set of things, and I don't 
> think we can rely on it; for color.mode=auto, we really mean "ansi" (aka 
> ecma48) (unless on windows), and don't do any detection of capabilities, so 
> we just output \e[2m and some terminals just ignore that (like mine, 
> rxvt-unicode v9.22).  If using color.mode=terminfo, we at least get error 
> messages (I did --config color.log.user='dim green'):
> ignoring unknown color/effect 'dim' (configured in color.log.user)
> Apparently cygwin doesn't advertise 'dim', and while the linux virtual 
> console advertises it and supports it, it doesn't actually support a dim 
> color (at least on my machine), it just always puts it in a weird blue :)
> I think I'd prefer that `changed` be bold and `unchanged` be non-bold.  For 
> most terminals, that'll lead to a visible difference in intensity (bold being 
> brighter unless using a weird palette), and for those that aren't configured 
> for that, it'll at least be a heavier weight.  It's better than having 
> literally zero difference between them without any explanation why.  I think 
> it'll also be more obvious which lines have it; in your screenshot the 
> difference between dim and regular is pretty subtle.

As I mentioned in the summary, I believe `diff.inserted` and 
`diff.inserted.changed` should have a same color. And `diff.inserted` probably 
shouldn't be bold.

Looking at this review page, you will notice the `diff.inserted` and 
`diff.inserted.changed` are using a same color, where `diff.inserted.unchanged` 
is using a different (lighter) background color.

`dim` works fine where it is supported. For terminals that do not support it, 
people can override the settings. For `dim` feature detection, that's an issue 
in the color code which is unrelated to this change. Since worddiff is 
experimental and off by default, I don't think dim detection should block this 

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