I have some trouble with the hgserve with apache2 with .cgi and my repos
hosting, it mostly work except when it tell me I have corrupted file, but
using the repos into local map drive work just fine and verify/recover
doesn't show any problems with it either.

I known the setup is totally weird, but we try to get ride of many Windows
machines (it's a work in progress).

I have the repos that was originally made under Windows copied to a Linux
based machine. The Linux repos file server is sharing it with Samba so
developer can pull/push to it. This work flawlessly.

I would like to finish the apache2/hg cgi to have all user stop using the
map drive and use the web server instead. But right now I have a lot of
weird problems.

I have a second Linux server that mount the samba share and have the
apache2 with the hgconfig for cgi-bin. I can browse the page, pull from it
but when I try to see some history (not all of them), raw or diff for some
file it tell me my file are corrupted.

 /usr/lib64/python2.7/site-packages/mercurial/revlog.py in *__init__*
(self=<mercurial.filelog.filelog object>, opener=<mercurial.store._fncachevfs
object>, indexfile='data/QmlScripts/Bodycad/Osteotomy/Steps/
Plates/ProfilesModel/PlateModelAbstract.qml.i', checkambig=False)
    306             d = self._io.parseindex(indexdata, self._inline)
    307         except (ValueError, IndexError):
=>  308             raise RevlogError(_("index %s is
corrupted") % (self.indexfile))
    309         self.index, nodemap, self._chunkcache = d
    310         if nodemap is not None:
*global* *RevlogError* = <class 'mercurial.error.RevlogError'>, *global* *_* =
<function gettext>, *self* = <mercurial.filelog.filelog object>, self.
*indexfile* = 'data/QmlScripts/Bodycad/Osteotomy/Steps/Plates/ProfilesModel/

*<class 'mercurial.error.RevlogError'>*: index data/QmlScripts/Bodycad/
Osteotomy/Steps/Plates/ProfilesModel/PlateModelAbstract.qml.i is corrupted
      args = ('index data/QmlScripts/Bodycad/Osteotomy/Steps/Pl...
ofilesModel/PlateModelAbstract.qml.i is corrupted',)
      hint = None
      message = 'index data/QmlScripts/Bodycad/Osteotomy/Steps/Pl...
ofilesModel/PlateModelAbstract.qml.i is corrupted'

I think I might have some encoding problems. Since the repos was made under
Windows (porbably cp-1251 or wwindows-1251) and I'm using Linux for the
hgweb. How can I check the repos encoding to make sure I'm doing the right
thing? what is the hg web config encoding I should use? is there any
apache2 encoding I should specify?

Most features work most of the time, so I  must be near.

[image: bodycad] <https://www.bodycad.com/>
Jerome Godbout
Software Developer
2035 rue du Haut-Bord, Québec, QC, Canada. G1N 4R7
T:  +1 418 527-1388 <(418)%20527-1388>
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