FYI.  I intend to end this list shortly.

When it was established some 10 years ago, other venues for discussing
these issues did not exist, and could not easily be created.  Now other
venues and mailing lists exist.

The cost to me of maintaining this list are two fold:

    - the need to maintain a server connected to the Internet
      (higher connection costs; difficulty moving from house to house;
      and need to worry about system reliability and uptime)

    - time taken upgrading my system (need to upgrade from majordomo
      to mailman; and costs of maintaining the configuration from
      one upgrade to the next)

Since alternatives exist, I am not making very much of a difference by
hosting these lists, and I am doing so at significant cost.  Hence my
decision to end the list.

I will allow discussion of alternative lists people may wish to join
before closing this list.

                                       gordon (list admin)
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