At 18:42 4/22/2004 -0400, you wrote:
I like this list because you push posts to me.
I don't have to remember to go somewhere to pull the posts.

Frank Anzalone


I have really appreciated the list over the 8 years I have
been a part of it.  Thank you Gordon.

My 2 cents about the list is that in the last year it has hardly
been there because of the forum.  I agree with Frank in that
sending me the emails kept me connected and involved where
the forum requires that I go searching for what is new.  That
is work, and I already have a full time job.  The list, on the
other hand, would magically appear in my filtering report and
I would go read as a rest or diversion from work.  I enjoyed
that.  I hate to see it the way it has been for the last year or
so.  Also, at some level doesn't the list have to remain so that
George can send emails about bug fixes and new versions?

Thanks again


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