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> Please create apitrace while this environment variable is set:
> MESA_EXTENSION_OVERRIDE="-GL_ARB_buffer_storage -GL_AMD_pinned_memory"
> Then check that the apitrace replays correctly. If it does, please attach
> it. Thanks.

Here is my attempt to provide the needed apitrace. As they are large files,
even compressed, I uploaded them to an external service. 

*Files will be deleted in 30 days.*

I made 2 apitrace, 

1) when you click on the Option menu and "High Quality" shaders are on. You can
reproduce this by setting the "High Quality" shaders on then clicking again on

2) when you enter a game, there is a long delay in the game loading, it hangs
for multiples seconds at a time, multiple times until it settles. From my PoV,
it seems to have something to do with the HUD.

I haven't been able to replay the apitrace, as I'm not too familiar with this
tool, maybe someone can fix the traces or something. I guess it's better than
having nothing.

Hit me up if you need anything else, thanks for your time.


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