--- Comment #14 from John <> ---
> John, please double check that you are actually correctly installing VDPAU.
> E.g. add something like "while(1);" into the VDPAU driver create function or 
> something like this. vdp_imp_device_create_x11() would be a good place for 
> that.

Alright, I've just tried that and mpv seems to be waiting, no error in output
nor in dmesg, which should be as expected I guess.
Please tell me if you can think of any other thing I can test.

> That it's a kernel issue came to my mind as well, but we haven't changed 
> anything on UVD in the radeon module in quite a while. So this is a bit 
> unlikely.

I looked at radeon_uvd.c's history quickly and there were a few in the time
period I'd think of.
Based on the date I'd guess possibly either of the kernel commits on
2016-05-05, probably nothing later, and before is so far away.

Is amdgpu using the same firmware as radeon for SI? if not maybe that's another
option for the culprit.

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