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> Installing an older kernel, see if that works with 12.0 mesa.
> If yes we have narrowed it down to the kernel, if not we 
> need to stick a bit more into mesa.
I've tried with a 3.18 kernel and still got the issue, so the issue is not in
the kernel. I had the firmware files from that date as well to eliminate that

> Another possibility which came to my mind is that this might not
> we an issue with UVD decoding, but rather presenting it.
> E.g. install both VDPAU and OpenGL from a certain Mesa version
> *AND* make sure that you restart X after that so that the
> X acceleration uses the new library versions as well.
Now this is interesting, as the reboot were only post-freeze so never to test a
certain mesa version.
I've rolled back to 11 and restarted the computer and will try.

Since you mentioned presenting, could it be the DDX?

New information: I don't need to have the video on screen for the issue to
happen. I can alt-tab or switch to another virtual desktop while the script
runs and it still freezes.

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