--- Comment #5 from Roland Scheidegger <> ---
(In reply to Gert Wollny from comment #4)
> The shader doesn't use many registers, even un-optimized the number is below
> 100, so spilling doesn't occur and beyond that I don't see any option to
> optimize it more (apart from rewriting the assembly manually and injecting
> it). Which means the only thing we could suggest to someone who wants to
> enjoy this shader on older hardware is to change the timeout like given
> above. Hence I'm closing this as NOTABUG.

Ah yes I see. I was thinking it was using too many regs because my browser used
an older driver version, where translation failed due to too many temp regs (in
fact nearly 1000...). But that's no longer the case with more recent driver
That shader really is from the "holy crap" department indeed, and the driver
doesn't seem to do anything obviously wrong with it, so I agree hitting the
timeout is expected (as a side note, things get really unresponsive here on my
HD 5750...).

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