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This way we won't fail when validating just because we may have a non
overriden core version that is lower than the requested one, even when
the compat version is high enough.

Do I understand correctly that this happens because when version asked is

3.2 then we always do core context, even when overriding to compat

No. 3.2COMPAT will set both core and compat version limits to 3.2.

I see, I was trying to understand why core version matters when using compat
profile but I'm not sure I get it, it probably should not matter.

In some cases you'd get a program using third party middle-ware.
For many instances of those one component is using a core while the
other a compat profile.

Right, that makes sense. Thanks Emil!

Admittedly the whole extension overriding is a bit of a band-aid
(hack) and it's not worth spending much too time on it ;-)


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