Juan and I have been talking lately that it is clear that reaching the
final version of a feature releases is often getting hard.

Therefore, we would like to propose that no stable release will be
carried on by the same release team member while on duty doing a
feature release. This will help to avoid collateral problems like
delays on bugfixing releases, for example.

In other words, we propose that Emil will be taking care of focusing on
the feature releases while Juan and I will be the ones doing the bugfix
releases, by now.


Additionally, I'd welcome greater visibility/transparency on the
process leading to the selection of a branch point for a feature
release [0].

Right now this is loosely explained process by which the release team
member doing the branch announces their intention and gets feedback
from developers who would like to still complete some feature before
the creation of the branch.

My proposal would be, similarly to what Intel does to track [1] the
stabilization for a release, 1 week (?) prior to the branching time to
create a metabug in bugzilla (or GitLab in the future ?), to announce
this metabug in mesa-dev and to let any developer who wants to see
their feature into the coming release to open a blocking bug for this
metabug explaining such feature and its progress. This way we can track
the progress and the process will be more transparent. We can still be
flexible to include the blocking features but the coordination will
happen over these bugs.

Likewise, once the branch point is created, I would create another
metabug to track the progress of eventual regressions until the final
release version.

[0] https://www.mesa3d.org/releasing.html#branch
[1] https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=104757

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