Kevin Miller wrote:
> On 19/9/00 3:15 am, Sound Medicine, Inc. <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I am very unsophisticated as a programer. I can't for the life of me get the
> > post comand to work submitting a form. 

It works only fine in using metacard beside a standard web
server, like IIS, Apache or WebStar. If i'm not mistaking (am i, Andu,
Scott ?), the mchttpd stack can only handle "GET" replys to the web browsers, no
standard "POST" replys.

Is there any simple way to have
> > metacard fill in the fields of a form on a browser like Internet Explorer and
> > somehow hit the submit button? And, while I'm asking, is there an easy way to
> > get the source code of the resultant web page sent back to the browser read
> > into metacard?  Thanks to all you folks who have helped me in the past.
> > Peter Bower, M.D.

I would not say it's realy easy to do. It's lots of work but, to the end, it
runs realy fine...

> As far as I know, you can't do this.  Actually communicating with an open
> browser to fill in fields on a page and then press a button is not something
> I've ever though about doing.  As a long shot, it might just about be
> possible on Windows with DDE and the Externals Collection, but I don't think
> this is very likely and wouldn't have any idea where to start.
> What you *can* do is post to a URL from inside MetaCard, and then get back
> the resulting page.  Use the post command to do this, and search through the
> list archives for examples of this command in action.

But what ? Sure you can do it, using both "GET" and "POST" commands, using
metacard. To see how it works, just test one of the projects i'm working on at
<>. All the server-side work is handeled by a metacard stack
(javascripts on the client-side, an 10 lines PHP3 script as sockets listener,
probably no more needed with mc 2.3.2).

If needed, i can build a small exemple like two html screens "who are you" and
"hello, && your name" managed by a .mt script (windows, unixes) or a mc
standalone (macos) stored behind the IIS (Windows), Apache (Unixes) or WebStar
(MacOS), in the cgi-scripts folder.

To get the best results, you will just, first, have to learn how to run a
standard httpd on your own computer. After that, you will see that Metacard can
handle all the cgi-stuffs what can be done in using, Perl, Python or PHP and
many more too, with more lots of work, even getting an mc web applications
server ;-)

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