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> In VB you can type into text fields of open apps by using "appActivate"
> (to launch the app or else bring it to the front), followed by the
> "sendKeys" command (which does the typing).
> Question: Can you do this with the MC "launch" or some other
> command/function? That *would* be nice.
> Seems to me I did something similar once from MC (on Win32) by using
> "launch", but I wasn't typing stuff into the app - I was passing a
> filename to it as part of the "launch" command. I was controlling
> RealPlayer at the time. I'll see if I can locate that stack.

If its a text based application, you can do this by reading and writing to
open process.  It will often also be possible to do this with graphical
applications using the DDE support in the Externals Collection.



> Phil

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