on 9/21/00 6:26 PM, Kevin Miller at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

>> ...By slow I mean more than a second on a fast computer.
> That sounds quite fast: how fast do you need it to be?

Actually, now that you mention it, it is. :-) MetaCard is amazing. But
still, one second on a fast machine could be as much as ten or fifteen
seconds on a slow machine that I would still want to support.

and on 9/21/00 6:35 PM, Scott Raney at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> Just one: Use the pageHeights property of the field, which does all of
> this work automatically for you ;-)

You know, nobody likes a wiseguy, Scott :-)

After considering the issue for a moment, I think the pageHeights property
_may_ do the trick, but I'll still have to do a little work (this assumes
constant line heights, which is safe for my application):

1. Put the text from the start to the text that must be included into the
2. Get the page heights.
3. Add up all but the last.
4. Count the pageHeights to see what page I'm on.
5. Figure out the chunk description for the beginning of the last page.
6. Add text, and figure out how much will fit on the last page.
7. Place that text in the field, and put in the page number from step 4.

By the way, the pageHeights doesn't support widow and orphan control, does
it? I'll have to adjust to that.


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