On Fri, 22 Sep 2000, Peter Reid wrote:

> Can I check what characters can be in an encrypted string as 
> generated by mcEncrypt().  This is the function used to produce 
> passwords by the Ask dialog but it is not documented in the help. 
> I'd like to be sure that a generated password can't include the tab 
> character as I want to store user passwords in tab-delimited records. 
> Also, I'm generating dummy user data and want to generate passwords 
> based on combinations of first names, surnames, initials etc. and 
> don't want to generate passwords containing my field/item separator!

It can contain tabs, so you'd better use the base64Encode() function to
encode it before storing it away.

> Also, I'm assuming that there isn't an mcDecrypt (common practice 
> with password systems is that they are one-way process only).  If 
> there is a decryption function, what is it called and what are its 
> parameters?

There isn't one.

> Cheers
> Peter
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