One addendum to what Richard delineated about the transition from Metacard to Revolution after Kevin bought the Metacard engine from Scott Raney:

The agreement between Scott Raney and Kevin and its details is one matter, the commitment made by Kevin to members of the Metacard user group is another.

I had a discussion with Kevin at that time about the future relation of Metacard and Revolution. Among other things I had proposed to keep and maintain Metacard as a sort of "Revolution lite" that would have of course less features than were planned for Revolution.

Kevin disagreed to this proposal, probably fearing a competition in his own house then, also in financial terms. I do not remember exactly what he said concerning this point. But he assured me that the compatibility of all future Revolution engines with the Metacard IDE would be guaranteed. I do not know which other members got similar messages, but that is what he promised to me at least.

We might find these messages in the old archives.


Wilhelm Sanke

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