As far as I know, you're the only one who couldn't make it work. I suspect for your stacks you only need to deal with password protection and embedded MC resources. Also, possibly, you may be having trouble if you haven't set the HCAddressing property to false, if your stacks are imported HC stacks.

I did make several attempts to figure out why my main software and Rev wouldn't play nice in the sandbox and I tried to find workarounds that didn't require major changes. I do not recall if the HCaddressing was one of the things I tried, and truthfully, I don't remember if I ported it directly from HC or simply rebuilt it from scratch. Either way, I could try the HCaddressing. I no longer port from HC to MC/Rev, I build new and rewrite the code, but the existing projects may have been imported.

I remember attempting to change the names of the embedded stacks that I'd altered in some way, and then having them rename on launch (but only if it was a standalone). Such as xAnswer for the embedded stack, renamed to Answer on standalone launch. Then trying the Rev builder and still running into some issue and throwing up my hands and saying, Metacard is SOOOOO much better than this (insert cuss words), I love the MC IDE so why am I trying to fight with that other thing? Then setting it aside.

I no longer embed those stacks either, and my two newer (in the works) projects don't use Ask/Answer at all. I created my own versions and call them up differently. But that doesn't help the existing projects.

Now I am afraid to move forward because I keep seeing discussions on the
Rev list about bugs in things that have been solid for a decade.

Version 4.6 is very solid. Are you sure the bugs you noticed aren't for mobile? The desktop build is very good. Can you remember any bugs you've seen that impact desktop work?

As everything seems to get discussed on the same list, which tends to be highly active, unless you read every single post it all gets jumbled up. I have no idea if the bugs would affect me. Just the sheer volume of bugs that get discussed, and not knowing for sure which are desktop versus mobile, is distressing.

I don't know how the whole mobile thing is handled. I know that before, there was ONE engine that deployed to Mac, Win, Linux, etc. So while there may have been a few platform specific bugs, for the most part the meat was the same regardless.

With all the additions of mobile, web, etc., and the different purchase options, I don't know how that is handled in the engine. Are there totally separate engines now for each area? Is it still one big engine for all? My license is good until the end of the world and then far beyond that, so I can upgrade, I've just been afraid to.

I know the standalone issue will revisit me soon as I'm working on
something actively right now. I dread that moment.

You'll be left in the dust if you don't upgrade, especially if the MC IDE ports the SB from LiveCode with just a few tweaks. I believe that's the plan.

I'm still willing to work with you on the standalone issue. I'm not aware of anyone else having trouble. The LiveCode tech queue hasn't had a single inquiry about it for at least the last several years.

As I've never found the Rev standalone builder to be user friendly, I never reported an issue to them, I simply sidestepped it and used MC. I don't want to set aside the current project to rebuild a project that's out there and basically happy for most folks. But I will take you up on the offer of assistance with the standalone issues when the current project is done and ready for the build. This will be my first release of something NEW for a long time, as opposed to something updated. I'm really excited and expect that it will be well received :-D

So, yes, the short answer is that I will take you up on the offer as soon as this project is ready. And again when I update the existing project as that is the cranky one.

-- Shari -- (who took a break from programming to write a book about a bad dog we adopted, we squashed most of the bugs that we inherited with her :-) The bugs she still has are livable. There are one, maybe two more dog books on the horizon. But not until this current project gets released. Eggs in many baskets and all that.)
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