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I no longer embed those stacks either, and my two newer (in the works)
projects don't use Ask/Answer at all. I created my own versions and call
them up differently. But that doesn't help the existing projects.

The easiest way to proceed would be to use one of your new projects. It sounds like you won't have any issues with those. Once you understand how the SB works, you'll be able to use your converted ones too.

Now I am afraid to move forward because I keep seeing discussions on the
Rev list about bugs in things that have been solid for a decade.

I'm still not sure what you saw. The discussions I see are mostly about mobile. The desktop engine works very well and I don't think you have anything to be afraid of. The things that used to work still do, as far as I've seen. I don't use the engine for everything of course, but I really haven't had any trouble, and I don't recall any bug discussions that involved regression. (Come to think of it, for two days you couldn't type tabs into fields on Macs, but that was fixed by the next day.)

I don't know how the whole mobile thing is handled. I know that before,
there was ONE engine that deployed to Mac, Win, Linux, etc. So while
there may have been a few platform specific bugs, for the most part the
meat was the same regardless.

You can still think of the engine that way. It just deploys to more operating systems now. But to do that, the language has had to expand to allow us to access some OS-specific features, like native iOS controls. Those are the ones that still need some tweaking sometimes, and which you may be thinking of when you mention bugs. If you aren't going to deploy to mobile, you can ignore the new language syntax and any discussions about it.

With all the additions of mobile, web, etc., and the different purchase
options, I don't know how that is handled in the engine. Are there
totally separate engines now for each area? Is it still one big engine
for all? My license is good until the end of the world and then far
beyond that, so I can upgrade, I've just been afraid to.

It's still all one engine. Your license determines how much that engine will let you do. There's really no reason not to upgrade, since you have the right to it already. The very worst that could happen is that you decide to go back to an earlier version instead. There have been a lot of improvements in the newer versions though, and you are missing out if you don't try it.

As I've never found the Rev standalone builder to be user friendly, I
never reported an issue to them, I simply sidestepped it and used MC.

This is a little surprising to me. I immediately found it much easier than the MC process and it was the first thing I switched to when I started with LiveCode/Rev. Maybe all the panes are confusing. They are easily explained and each serves a needed purpose that the MC SB doesn't have. I could never go back to all the twiddling and manual copying I used to do. Building an OS X bundle by hand is silly.

So, yes, the short answer is that I will take you up on the offer as
soon as this project is ready. And again when I update the existing
project as that is the cranky one.

Do. We'll walk through it.

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