Wilhelm and the rest of the MC gang:

The first beta of the new mcStandaloneBuilder is available at the new MC mirror:


This requires engine v4.5 or later, and was tested with v4.6 on OS X, Windows, and Linux.

This build should let you make standalones for all three platforms (OS X, Win, Linux) from any of them with one exception: currently it can only build for OS X while running on OS X. This is a known issue and will be addressed, but I didn't want to hold this up further while I work out the details.

This build does not support mobile in any way, and the RevWeb options in the UI are entirely unimplemented. In fact, I have no need for RevWeb at all for the foreseeable future, so if any of you need that and are willing to add support for it let me know and we can coordinate how to add your mods to my copy of the master build.

Also, note that while most of the useful code is exposed in the unlocked mainstack for your perusal and enhancement if you so desire, I was requested by Kevin and Mark to temporarily lock the relatively small portion of the code currently in a substack there that makes the actual engine call that binds the engine to the stack file. This lock will be removed in later version, but RunRev needs to first verify that their internal security mechanism is working as expected. This will have no practical effect on using or modifying the Standalone Builder, since all the meaningful stuff is available for you in the mainstack, and only the specifics of the engine call at the end of the process are protected in this version.

There is currently no Help provided in this build, but I'll give you a few tips on using it here:

- Like LiveCode's, there are multiple tabs for platform-specific options, but unlike LiveCode's there's also a General tab -- if you set stuff there it fills in all of the OS-specific tabs for you, making the setup process even easier since you really only need to work with the stuff on one tab to build for all platforms. App name, version, copyright, etc. get transferred automatically to the platform-specific tabs whenever you edit the values on the General tab. This means that if you do make specific edits to the other tabs, those will be overwritten if you later modify the General tab again. Whether this is a bug or a feature is for you to decide; for now it is what it is, and it's very handy for me personally. :)

- Settings are stored in a custom property set of the stack being built into a standalone, using the same property set name LC uses (revStandaloneSettings). The format of the data stored there is a superset of the keys LC uses, so you should be able to use these settings interchangeably with LC's standalone builder. Please let me know if you find any exceptions to that.

- When the mcStandaloneBuilder stack opens it scans all other open stacks to find the topmost stack which already has a revStandaloneSettings property set, and loads that data if it finds one. This means that if you already have a stack open that you want to build from and have set it up previously, just opening the mcStandaloneBuilder will load its UI with the settings from that stack automatically so all you have to do is click "Build".

There are various minor bugs and annoyances, and the option to use a custom plist for OS X is not yet implemented (though the generated one works well).

A new build will be made available as soon as time permits.

In the meantime, feel free to post any bug reports you have either here to or me personally at b...@fourthworld.com

I wouldn't want to overload this list with bug reports, but it may be helpful to discuss them here where we can all keep apprised of what's working, what's not, and future directions. Your call.

 Richard Gaskin
 Fourth World Media Corporation
 ambassa...@fourthworld.com       http://www.FourthWorld.com

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