> For "LiveCode Folder/Bundle" - in the upper region of the Standalone Builder 
> - I had first chosen the Livecode "runtime" folder" where the "standalone" 
> files reside - following in essence the procedure I had used before in the 
> 3.0 MC IDE, namely locating the necessary file "standalone".  Instead we 
> apparently need to choose the complete Livecode folder, but I cannot 
> replicate this now as the Standalone Builder at the moment refuses to build 
> any stacks, there is even no error message when I press button "Build".

Wilhelm, the "LiveCode Folder/Bundle" corresponds to the true LiveCode 
directory or (on Mac) application bundle. The standalone builder figures out 
where the runtimes are based on that. this matches the corresponding data in 
the new "LiveCode" tab of the Preferences window; in fact, if you set it up 
from Preferences, the new standalone builder will use it.

So all you need to do is pick the folder that was installed by the LiveCode 
installer into Program Files and the SB should do the rest (bugs 


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