I'm having irritating issues when trying to adjust our (very old) game. We want to make a download version of it since there is still a demand for it. The only thing I'm doing is to change the start up file (exe) so it doesn't check for a CD in a drive. I then save the start up file. As a result I get all kinds of issues with errors in other stacks which I haven't touched! I have tried doing this on two Vista systems, 32 and 64 bits which makes no significant difference. I save the file now with MC version 2.4.3 and the game was made with the version from year 2000 (can't even remember which version I had then). I have looked through backups to find the older MC version with no luck.

My Qs:
Are these issues all MC version related or does it also have to do with computer system? Do I need to get hold of the old MC version I purchased once upon a time to get rid of these issues? If so, does Runrev still have those old MC versions around? Well I can write them directly about that of course. :)

Any suggestions appreciated.

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