Yesterday I tried to use MC on windows, and it would throw a ton of errors on 
any user action like opening the message box, changing the tool, etc. In 
addition it was impossible to look at any scripts, because it wouldn't actually 
show the relevant scripts in the script editor window. I also saw two stacks 
open in the "window" menu, that i hadn't ever seen on mac os x, but was unable 
to even look at them (stsScriptingTools and stsST_IntelliScript). 

Most perplexing to me is that MC does have exactly zero of those problems on 
mac os x.

I asked Jacque and she said it might be the script editor itself who's throwing 
fits. Does anyone know what could be the cause of symptoms like that, and/or 
maybe someone already solved the problem?

Thanks for your Time


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