Thanks Ken & Hugh

Maybe this is a problem with the community version somehow? I shall try the 
commercial version and see if things work better there. Other then that, I 
guess there's no way for me to fix it, unless i can rename the home stack and 
open that in the LC IDE. Maybe I can also disable the gui stuff by going to 
lockMessages very early..

I'l try to poke around a bit, I hoped someone already knew this problem :-/

On 01.03.2014, at 13:05, <> 

> Most peculiar, BvG. All working fine for me on Win7: v4.52, v5.02, v5.5,
> v6.1 and v6.5 all using MC IDE 4.1
> Maybe a re-install is needed?
> Hugh Senior
> FLCo

On 04.03.2014, at 02:18, Ken Ray <> wrote:

> On Feb 28, 2014, at 7:09 AM, Björnke von Gierke <> wrote:
>> Hi
>> Yesterday I tried to use MC on windows, and it would throw a ton of errors 
>> on any user action like opening the message box, changing the tool, etc. In 
>> addition it was impossible to look at any scripts, because it wouldn't 
>> actually show the relevant scripts in the script editor window. I also saw 
>> two stacks open in the "window" menu, that i hadn't ever seen on mac os x, 
>> but was unable to even look at them (stsScriptingTools and 
>> stsST_IntelliScript). 
> Bjornke,
> Those two stacks are ones in my development environment… I'm assuming that 
> you're getting some error early on in MC's loading process before it gets a 
> chance to reset the window menu and initialize MC properly.
> Ken Ray
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