If ~ footex and ~ mideulem are too long, I may split them into smaller lemmas, 
and then run minimize on the smaller lemmas.

Alternatively, since geometry is a rather closed domain, we know only the 
theorems from predicate logic and elementary geometry (and basic set theory) 
are needed to be considered. Is there a way to do that?

> Le 14 févr. 2020 à 04:33, Norman Megill <n...@alum.mit.edu> a écrit :
> I worked out an estimate (in hours) for jobs 133-160 based on the theory that 
> the time to save a compressed proof is proportional to the run time of 
> 'minimize'. 
>                               est.    actual hours
> job159.cmd: footex          268.8
> job160.cmd: mideulem        404.4
> Norm

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