This should help you ( translation from cisco vlan lingo to MT ROS Vlan). 

(this is assuming ROS defined VLAN's, not Switch-chip behavior). 

In the MT world, by default each Ethernet port is a Trunk Port. 
when you define a vlan on it, it is a Tagged vlan on that port. 
Each defined vlan on each physical interface is considered to be a unique 
interface, and will not automatically 'bridge' to each other, even if the vlan 
id is the same.. you have to 'tie' them together via a bridge.. 

Access Port -----> Create the Vlan on the Trunk port, and then create a 
bridge.... put the vlan and physical Ethernet port that want to configure as an 
Access port. 

Trunk Port -----> Create the Vlan with the Vlan ID on that physical Ethernet 
port.. and you have trunk ports. 

and PVID 

for your specific example... here is what I would do.. 

create the following VLAN's with the appropriate Vlan ID on the SFP Port on the 
Vlan 10 
Vlan 20 
Vlan 50 

and assign the IP's for each vlan to the the appropriate vlan interface. 
and you are done... 

Only exception is vlan 1... which is the default vlan.. 
I would suggest that you configure the netonix to pass vlan 1 on port 13 as 
and to talk to vlan1 via the MT, you would assign the IP address the SFP 

Hope this helps. 

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> Sent: Friday, January 13, 2017 2:16:46 AM
> Subject: [Mikrotik Users] Mikrotik and VLAN trunking

> I received my nice new spiffy Netonix switch today. Love it.
> Now all I need to to do is to setup VLAN trunking between the Netonix and my 
> MK
> CCR. I can't figure out MK VLANs for the life of me. I can do Cisco VLAN stuff
> in my sleep but with Mikrtik, I want to beat it with a hammer!

> Simple setup, here we go:

> Netonix VLANs
> 1 -- Mgmt
> 20 -- VLAN 20
> 50 -- VLAN 50

> all VLANs are tagged on the SFP port 13.because its a trunk port.

> Netonix Port 13 goes to Ethe1 on my MK CCR where I want the VLANs to 
> terminate.

> How do i configure the MK to accept my tagged VLANs on Eth1? I have followed 
> the
> document here:


> With no luck.

> I have IP addresses for each of these VLANs on the CCR and I assigned them to
> their respective bridge as mentioned in the article but no love.

> What in the hell I am doing wrong?

> Thanks,
> Mike

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