Anyone Monitoring these on 750’s? I’ll have no errors for some time then all of 
a sudden in one poll (snmp) I will have 10000 along with all the other errors 
in that interface. And… it will even happen on an interface that has nothing 
plugged into it. Opening the log and I will see;
ether2 excessive or late collision, link duplex mismatch?
ether2 excessive broadcasts/multicasts, probably a loop

But again nothing on duplex going out etc on the log nor link changes i.e. 
speed. And it not only happens on interfaces that have something but those that 
do not. These happen on OSPF and static routing routers so not related to 
either of those items. Doesn’t happen to all of the ones I have and all are 
running recent 6.x OS versions.

Terri Kelley
Network Engineer
Farm to Market Broadband
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