I have implemented the following subroutine dkim_sign (listed below) and call 
it from filter_end after I verify that specific criteria are met.  Prior to 
calling dkim_sign I utilize append_text_boilerplate and then call 
My question is how do I pass the email with boilerplate to dkim_sign? 
This subroutine dkim_sign utilizes INPUTMSG but that is a copy of the entire 
message as received by Sendmail prior to any boilerplate or action* functions 
being called.  I see under the $CWD/Working dir the INPUTMBOX and msg-409-1.txt.
Any advice could be greatly appreciated.

sub dkim_sign
        my $dkim = Mail::DKIM::Signer->new(
                Algorithm => "rsa-sha1",
                Method => "relaxed",
                Domain => "roaringpenguin.com",
                Selector => "beta",
                KeyFile => "/etc/ssl/private/roaringpenguin.com.dkim.key");
        if (open(TOSIGN, "<INPUTMSG")) {
                while(<TOSIGN>) {
                        # remove local line terminators
                        # use SMTP line terminators
                my $signature = $dkim->signature()->as_string();
                $signature =~ s/^DKIM-Signature:\s+//i;
                action_add_header('DKIM-Signature', $signature);

NOTE: If there is a disclaimer or other legal boilerplate in the above
message, it is NULL AND VOID.  You may ignore it.

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