I have a patch to bring all the mingw-w64 build files up to the latest 
version (1.15).  Due to size, it is at 
http://www.LimeGreenSocks.com/gen2.7z and is unchanged since I posted it 
back on Oct 2.  This patch is 100% regenerated files from running 
"autoreconf -fiv" in all the directories.  While the patch has been 
debated, no one has approved it yet.

As has been discussed (see 
https://sourceforge.net/p/mingw-w64/mailman/message/35418338/), there is 
some question about whether we should be using beta versions of the 
config.guess files downloaded from the current automake build tree.

sezero has been checking in these beta versions, but no one seems to 
know why (and he hasn't responded to explain).  To be clear, the files 
currently checked in to mingw-w64 are NEWER than the most recently 
released version of automake.  A review of the differences doesn't 
reveal any obvious benefit.

I'm asking that my current patch (which does NOT use the beta files) be 
approved.  If there is a reason to use the beta files, let's do that as 
a separate checkin, along with an explanation as to WHY we are doing it.

Ok to push?


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