Okay, I've been digging into this and have more information.  I have a
few things I'm going to try, but any insight into what might be
happening or why or other things to try would be greatly appreciated.

The DWARF data is definitely bad.  Specifically the offset into the
.debug_abbrev section is wrong.
https://ritter.vg/misc/stuff/dwarf-error.html shows the details.

I did more more analysis into the bad sections here:

The bad sections fall into two categories:
1) Stuff in Firefox we produce with yasm.  I don't know why this is,
but I think it's coming from
so I'm going to try and just remove debug information for this stuff

2) Stuff from mingw-w64, specifically mingw-w64-crt and winpthreads.
I have no idea why these files are producing DWARF version 2 debugging
information or why the offsets are corrupted.


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