More info: removing -g dwarf2 from the flags seems to have resolved
both types of bad sections.

The build is here:

However, relocating the debug symbols (as described in causes objcopy to segfault. It
seems all x64 MinGW builds I have tried doing this to cause objcopy to

I filed a bug on this here:


On 13 April 2018 at 02:39, Tom Ritter <> wrote:
> Okay, I've been digging into this and have more information.  I have a
> few things I'm going to try, but any insight into what might be
> happening or why or other things to try would be greatly appreciated.
> The DWARF data is definitely bad.  Specifically the offset into the
> .debug_abbrev section is wrong.
> shows the details.
> I did more more analysis into the bad sections here:
> The bad sections fall into two categories:
> 1) Stuff in Firefox we produce with yasm.  I don't know why this is,
> but I think it's coming from
> so I'm going to try and just remove debug information for this stuff
> 2) Stuff from mingw-w64, specifically mingw-w64-crt and winpthreads.
> I have no idea why these files are producing DWARF version 2 debugging
> information or why the offsets are corrupted.
> -tom

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