That's great to hear!  I will be back in Cambridge in November (and will
make sure to drop by your office).

On 18/10/2016 14:49, Anil Madhavapeddy wrote:
> As part of this, he will taking a close look at the Mirage networking 
> subsystem and how technologies such as SR-IOV passthrough can link up with 
> the various Mirage backends (such as Xen where hardware passthrough is 
> relatively mature, and newer backends such as Solo5 where some work needs to 
> happen on Linux KVM and FreeBSD for equivalent functionality). 

FreeBSD bhyve has PCI passthrough (see, and a NetMap
implementation (see
Would be great to get this somehow running inside of Solo5/MirageOS.
One step would likely be to implement netmap in OCaml.


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