I am setting up mirrorbrain to manage mirrors for the apt repository for raspbian (a rebuild of debian for armv6 hardfloat).

In my setup the server running mirrorbrain is also the public master server (it in-turn is updated from the private master server but that is not relavent here). This means that any changes will (or at least should) happen on the master server first.

Package updates come in the form of additions and removals of files which mirrorbrain seems to have no problem with. However the package lists and related files do get modified in-place.

What I would like to happen is when a file is changed locally I would like mirrorbrain to stop redirecting it until the mirrors have been rescanned and confirmed as having the new version of the file. In this way I can ensure that users always get the latest version of the package lists regardless of whether the mirrors are up to date.

Currently mirrorbrain seems to have some knowlege of file dates (it shows the updated date on the mirror list page for the file) but it seems to carry on redirecting clients regardless of the changed file date of the local copy.

Currently my workarround is to exclude the dists dir from mirrorbrain, however I'd rather not do this if I can help it.

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