Dr. Peter Pöml wrote:
Looking around in the tree, I see several files named "Packages" or "Release", thus with no versioning indication in their name, and on the other hand, package files with version info (including build or release numbering). The latter files are easy to handle for MirrorBrain, because a file is assumed to never change - if a package is rebuilt, the release counter is incremented. The "version-less" files however are more difficult to handle. MirrorBrain doesn't store modification times or file size for what it finds on mirrors. (It would have been possible to implement it that way, but it was decided against for performance reasons [which might not affect some users in fact...].)
So what does it store? just the filenames/paths?

And how does it match files on the mirrors against files locally? does it just use their names or does it use some other components of their paths too?

Thanks for providing information so I know where it is and isn't safe to use mirrorbrain.

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