On 13:02 Fri 09 Feb, Otto Moerbeek wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 09, 2018 at 12:27:47PM +0300, Consus wrote:
> > On 23:12 Thu 08 Feb, Jeroen wrote:
> > > I can talk hours and hours why OpenBSD is superior to Linux
> > 
> > It is possible to list all block devices (with type and size) with one
> > command? You now, like lsblk(8) in Linux.
> I don't think there's a single command that covers that. By
> look at sysctl hw.disknames and disklabel.
> But some points I'd like to make
> - Only you can decide if OpenBSD fits you and if you like the way
>   things work.

Of course. I quite like it on my router. It works marvelous.
> - You have to expect some/a lot of things to be different compared to
>   Linux. While both systems implement Posix, the general approach
>   differs a lot. Some things differ for a reason, historical or not.

I know.

> - You shouldn't assume we know Linux. So refering to a Linux specific
>   command often does not help a lot. Try to explain what you want to
>   achieve.

I was just making a point. OpenBSD has a lot of downsides in some areas
so blindly calling it 'superior to Linux' without knowing the actual use
cases is kinda naive.

> - Use the man pages and FAQ. We've put quite some effort into them.

Keep up the good work.

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