Yes, the HP scanner I use just opens up a local webpage that I open up in in a browser. All scanning functions are performed on the printers local-only webserver. It seems to work nicely as I have every OS under the sun scanning from it.

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On Mon, 22 Jan 2018 17:57:24 +0900, Bryan Linton wrote:

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Hello misc@

I'm currently looking to purchase a scanner that works well with

I want to thank all the people who replied in this thread.

I tried searching for some of the models several posters recommended,
but unfortunately they seem to be too old to be found at the places I

I think my best bet is to find a cheap all-in-one device that can scan
directly to USB and just make use of that.

Thanks again to all who replied!
Plenty of scanners can now email or scan to cifs/samba shared drive too.
Getting scan into my openbsd box not an issue since my HP MPF can do all
the above.

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