Hi Alexander,

thank you for taking your time to look at my problem! Really appreciate it!

Am 11.03.2018 um 22:04 schrieb Alexander Hall:
> 3. Did you by any chance detach the filesystem at any time? IIRC
>    that would make it not auto-assemble after reboot, which might
>    explain some of the observed behaviours.
Mmmh - this is s.th. I cannot rule out for shure. Last time the system
was work flawless I had an encrypted external HD attached to make my
daily backup. Maybe I did a 'bioctl -d' on the sdx the sd0 was attached
to after disencryption (no - sd0 isn't always attached to sd2! This can
be anything from 2 to 7, usually) instead of the sd-number the external
HD was attached to...

If so - is there any chance to recover?

> 4. Did you by any chance run installboot on sd0 or sd1? That'd be wrong.
I tried but without success. Obviously.

Thanks again and
have a nice week!


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