this will be my final answer - and which certainly does not want to be a

No, at school I wasn't told about an'leap second', an intercalar second!
But, I only went in third - some here will be able to tell you what this
level is, personally I don't know the correspondence, with other
cultures, but it's pretty low... then I became "computer self-taught",
until I could do a developer training (Java, SQL, Web) where even there,
we weren't spoken to.
My wife, who has a master's degree in history, just learned today by me
what it is!

I had no idea it was so complex!

I thank those who responded decently, such as :

 - Daniel Ouellet for his link on "timezones" where I learned that some
had a duration of 45, even 30".
 - Tom Smyth, with his reference to summer time - which I did not
understand in Philip Guenther's initial message, nor that he had THE
right answer!
 - Philip Guenther, himself, who tried to be explicit.
 - and, also Theo Buethler...

I don't have to be ashamed to ask questions,
I don't have to be ashamed not to know things...
I appreciate learning, and I'm sorry I don't know so much, and not "in
control" - that is, the degree of knowledge and practice of few persons.
On the other hand, I am ashamed of some messages that came to insult me
personally... directly!
Knowledge and mastery are not necessary and useful reasons for despising
others, or those who know less!

Now, if I am such a disgrace to you, in my interventions, in my
participations, all you have to do is banish me, remove me from the
list... which would be in no way constructive, and even less positive.

i.e: I have learned some things, such as the use of CVS, thanks to the
intelligent cooperation of some here on this list... and certainly,

Personally, I stay, because learning from others doesn't scare me...
That, to participate, even if I know much less than others does not
frighten me, and will never proccur me of shame!
Even if I'm wrong, in my participations!

Thanks all.
"Have a nice day"

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>> get the current timestamp, subtracting 86400 seconds is not reliable to
>> get yesterday's date to the nearest second?
> Did they teach leap seconds in your school yet?
> Best
>     Martin

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