I've just replaced my old OpenBSD 5.x-running router with a new one (Alix APU2) 
running 6.3.

Having copied over my old configuration and modified it where necessary, I've 
got it bringing up my connections fine, IPv4 works, but IPv6 does not, without 
having to manually add a default route after the connection is up.

I already tripped over (and fixed) the fact that you have to put %<interface> 
on the end of your inet6 route destinations now, but even having done that, for 
some reason a default route does not get added correctly on boot with the 
following line present in my /etc/hostname.pppoe0:

!/sbin/route add -inet6 default -ifp pppoe0 fe80::%pppoe0

Looking at the console output on boot it doesn't show any error running that 
command (implying that the route should have been added just fine) but it's 
definitely not there any more when doing a 'netstat -rn' once the ppp session 
is established - is something removing it as part of establishing the 

Is there a completely different way that I should be doing this than the one 
shown in  the pppoe(4) man page? I have already tried having 'inet6 autoconf' 
instead of 'inet6 eui64' but for some reason I don't get a SLAAC configuration 
and IPv6 doesn't come up that way. I don't know if anything has to be 
explicitly enabled to make SLAAC work or if I am inadvertently blocking 
something that I need to allow in my pf ruleset?

I am in the UK, using a Draytek Vigor 130 VDSL modem with FTTC to Andrews & 
Arnold (AAISP).

Thanks in advance for any help :)


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