On 2018-04-13, Edmund Craske <edm...@m00is.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've just replaced my old OpenBSD 5.x-running router with a new one (Alix 
> APU2) running 6.3.
> Having copied over my old configuration and modified it where necessary, I've 
> got it bringing up my connections fine, IPv4 works, but IPv6 does not, 
> without having to manually add a default route after the connection is up.
> I already tripped over (and fixed) the fact that you have to put %<interface> 
> on the end of your inet6 route destinations now, but even having done that, 
> for some reason a default route does not get added correctly on boot with the 
> following line present in my /etc/hostname.pppoe0:
> !/sbin/route add -inet6 default -ifp pppoe0 fe80::%pppoe0
> Looking at the console output on boot it doesn't show any error running that 
> command (implying that the route should have been added just fine) but it's 
> definitely not there any more when doing a 'netstat -rn' once the ppp session 
> is established - is something removing it as part of establishing the 
> connection?
> Is there a completely different way that I should be doing this than the one 
> shown in  the pppoe(4) man page? I have already tried having 'inet6 autoconf' 
> instead of 'inet6 eui64' but for some reason I don't get a SLAAC 
> configuration and IPv6 doesn't come up that way. I don't know if anything has 
> to be explicitly enabled to make SLAAC work or if I am inadvertently blocking 
> something that I need to allow in my pf ruleset?
> I am in the UK, using a Draytek Vigor 130 VDSL modem with FTTC to Andrews & 
> Arnold (AAISP).
> Thanks in advance for any help :)
> Edmund

Can you show your whole hostname.pppoe0 file? (mask your password of
course).  On Zen I'm using the following

mtu 1500
inet pppoedev em1 authproto chap authname 
"XXX@zen" authkey "XXX" up
inet6 -autoconfprivacy
inet6 autoconf
!/sbin/route add default -ifp pppoe0
!/sbin/route add -inet6 default -ifp pppoe0 fe80::%pppoe0 -priority 8

and hostname.em1 has

mtu 1508

In my case, I'm using dhcpcd from packages to get addresses for my internal
networks, Zen don't statically route my v6 block unless I request it via
DHCPv6-PD, but you won't need that with A&A, you can just configure them
statically on the inside interfaces.

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