Hello everyone,
Is there a successful story with OpenBSD and a 3G USB modem? I have read a
lot of configs available online (mostly old ver.: 4.8 to 5.8 usually) and
each one is very different. I've read the manuals, but can't really glue
the whole thing together to make it work. I am pretty desperate right now
because I can't get the overall idea of how 3g USB modem + pppd + chat +
pap should work. Do you guys have any docs/tutorial/how-tos etc. on how to
setup a ppp connection with 3g USB modem?

I have ZTE MF195 (supported) + Orange 3G/LTE card, but my idea is to get a
better, overall understanding of this topic. Having eventually done this I
plan to write a how-to or tutorial so that other mortals can have an easier

I would appreciate your help very much. Thanks in advance.

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