Igor Podlesny writes:
> Previously users could have different behaviour of malloc simultaneously: one
>  in
> global FS, others in chroots. Say, in global it could be more relaxed
> with lesser
> performance impact and in some chroots more drastic, at contrary. With
> 6.5 it's not
> possible anymore, is it really so? This change has own pluses as well
> indeed: one
> knob to rule them all but then what if you need something special in
> just one place,
> something that shouldn't be following global sysctl parameters -- how
> do you get it(?)

You didn't check the manpage.

     Upon the first call to the malloc() family of functions, an
     initialization sequence inspects the value of the vm.malloc_conf
     sysctl(2), next checks the environment for a variable called
     MALLOC_OPTIONS, and finally looks at the global variable malloc_options
     in the program.

Anthony J. Bentley

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