On 2019-04-26, Federico Giannici <giann...@neomedia.it> wrote:
> casa:/home/giannici> konsole
> ld.so: konsole: can't load library 'libc++.so.1.0'
> Killed

Running that with LD_DEBUG set in the environment might give a clue.
Likely there will be a lot of output, so have plenty of scrollback buffer,
or use script(1). In this case it's pulling in something from OpenBSD 6.3

> casa:/home/giannici# dolphin
> dolphin:/usr/local/lib/libattica.so.1.0: 
> /usr/local/lib/libKF5Attica.so.3.3 : WARNING: 
> symbol(_ZN6Attica15ProviderManager16staticMetaObjectE) size mismatch, 
> relink your program

Same for LD_DEBUG with this. In this case something tries to pull in
kde4 and kf5 versions of attica which conflict.

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