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I believe OpenBSD's code of conduct can be summed up as "if you are the
type of person who needs a code of conduct to teach to you how to human
then you are not welcome here".

At least I hope so.


I always thought it could be summed up as "Don't piss off Theo".  ;-)

... :)

He's setting a standard. So I don't have to worry about talking freely
about what I think here. And that's just one reason why I try to
migrate my machines to OpenBSD ...

And one of the first things I do when looking at software, and whether
it's useful for my needs or not: Are those who write it adults or are
they whinies with problems regarding understandable speech? I'm
trying to keep the latter mostly at safe distances from me, and I
tend to avoid their code getting installed onto my machines ...

So that's another reason I'm glad Theo de Raadt is setting a certain
standard here ...

So yes, for sure: "Don't piss off Theo". And no smiley.

Regards .. :) ..

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