On Sun, Jul 21, 2019, at 16:41, Theo de Raadt wrote:
> I'd go with the approach of avoiding politics entirely and not even
> describing the approach we use.

I find this approach to be consistent with OpenBSD's virtuous
ignorance of fads.

 > <li>Be as politics-free as possible; solutions should be decided on the
> >     basis of technical merit.

The comment about absence of politics is also inaccurate. OpenBSD has a
specially designed political system that works very well for the
project, just not one that anyone cares to explain in standard political

What's more, claiming to be free of politics is sure to elicit
complaints about how everything is political.

Sometimes I shut down conversations about governance by sharing my
opinion that benevolent dictatorship is the best form of government and
and that I prefer software that is governed this way. But people who
like to talk about government and democracy seem to get angry when I do
this, so I don't do it very often.

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